Flawed Dogs


Chelsea Peters


My favorite childhood book was by far “Flawed Dogs” by Berkeley Breathed. The reason I loved this book was mostly because of the illustrations that were about every dog. Not only the illustrations, I also loved the individual crazy story for each dog that was featured in the book. I am a big animal lover and I always loved looking at the pictures and trying to understand the life stories of these fictional dogs.


The biggest memory I have about this book isn’t exactly about the book, it’s about how I would sneak the book. You see, this wasn’t my book, it was my older sister’s. She was one of those sisters who didn’t want the younger ones to touch her stuff and she knew that I loved this book. What she would do is hide it in her closet so that I wouldn’t find it. If I found it then she’d hide it somewhere else.  Being the nosy little sister that I was, I always found where she hid it. Whenever my older sister was out of the house I would sneak into her room just to read the book and look at all the crazy dogs. I loved that book so much! I also remember feeling bad for those dogs because they were in a pound. I wanted to adopt them all even though they were all fictional. Now that I think about it, the book was more of an encouragement to adopt dogs from a dog pound.


I feel that this book is a quality book for children because it teaches that even though something is flawed, there’s a story behind it and there is also beauty in those flaws. It is a good lesson for children to learn at a young age.


I feel that any elementary aged child would like this book mostly because of the illustrations.


7f245a25bc4553b01aace03bdc9a795a.jpg           funny_dog_drawings_09.jpg



2 thoughts on “Flawed Dogs

  1. I also loved animals growing up, so all my favorite books were about animals! I’ve never heard of this book but it looks like a silly awesome book! It’s definitely on the list of books I want to read this semester now! I agreed, that is a great lesson for kids, I think both elementary and middle school, to learn! Thanks for sharing!
    🙂 Yana Walljasper


  2. I LOVE animals! I have many dogs and cats at my house. I think I’m familiar with this book. I know children would love to read this book because of an illusion of the dog. I believe in teaching children that every dog are variety and we can adopt any dogs. I would love to adopt all the dogs! I know this book is a great lesson for children! Thank you for sharing!

    Katelyn Miller


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