You Can Do It, Sam

You Can Do It, Sam

Katelyn Miller

February  5th, 2017

My childhood favorite book was You Can Do It, Sam by Amy Hest. The book is colorful and shows how the relationship between mother and son. It reminds me so much of my mom and me. My mom always told me, “Katelyn, You can do it, no matter what people said to you. Don’t let people judge you who you are.”  The reason why I love this book is because there are many good vocabularies and describing words. For example, “the truck is green” and “put the cakes in the red bag.” Also, I love their relationship because they will make the cakes for their friends. My mom and I love to give people the foods, toys, and anything.

My favorite part in the book is mother bear told Sam to drop the bag by the door. Sam is scared. Mother bear said, “You can do it, Sam.” Then, Sam walked and dropped the bag by the door. He runs to the truck and said, “I did it!”  “Of course,” Mrs. Bear said. It is Sam’s first act of bravery. It has inspired me because I’m the brave child who my parent taught very well. Every child will have their own bravely.

I believe this book is great for pre-school to the third grader. This is the good start to teaching children to learn how to be brave and make the homemade foods or things to give their neighbor or families. I believe children will learn the book and begin their own brave.


2 thoughts on “You Can Do It, Sam

  1. I haven’t heard of this book, but it looks like a great story with a positive lesson! Teaching children that they can do anything and to be independent, confident, and brave is really important! I also love what I can see of the illustrations, they’re really colorful with is great! I think you could even read it out loud to younger children from a year up; they’d love all the colors in the pictures. Thanks for sharing!
    🙂 Yana

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  2. I have never heard of this book either so when I looked at the pictures of the book it reminded me of some books that my youngest sister used to read about a bear. I too think that bravery is something that children should learn about at an early age. Yes some things may be scary but as the book teaches, they can do it. I also loved that you included your personal childhood memories about this book, I can tell that this book meant a lot to you. My family also likes to make food for our neighbors, we usually bake cookies or make homemade break. I am interested in this book and will be looking for it in the library!
    -Chelsea Peters

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