The Lorax

Katelyn Miller

I read the book, “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss in 1971. Then, I watched the movie, “Dr.Suess’ The Lorax,” created in 2012. The book and movie have the similar story, but the movie is adding more characters and plots. I will give some details between the book and movie.

Both of book and movie have the similar characters; the Lorax, a young boy, the Once-ler, Brown Bar-ba-loots, Humming-fish, and other forest animals. The book shows a young boy that doesn’t have a name while the movie does have a name for a young boy; Ted. In the book, the young boy is a listener. In the movie, Ted is the main character and wants to find the tree for his “love.” Another character in the book and movie is the Once-ler. In the book, we don’t see his body but, we can see the green hand while the movie, we can see his body but, we see the green gloves. The movie adds a few characters, Granny, who helps her grandson, Ted, to find the Once-ler and listen to his story and the Once-ler’s family who help with the business.

Both the book and movie have a similar story but, the movie is adding few plots. In the book, the Lorax told the Once-ler about the save the tree and don’t chop down the tree. The Once-ler didn’t listen the Lorax and he chops down all the trees. Then, he realized the harm he has done. While in the movie, the Once-ler promises the Lorax, not to cut down any more trees and tries to harvest the trees. His family arrives and help with his business. His family cuts down all the trees. His business is expanding. Then, the Lorax and the Once-ler saw one very last tree fall on the ground. The Lorax said, “Well, that’s it. The very last one. That may stop you.” After that, Once-ler realized the harm he has done.

Another plot in the book and movie is about the animals and environment. In the book, the Lorax explained to the Once-ler, how the Bar-ba-loots are starving and they need the tree to grow the fruits. Then, the Bar-ba-loots leave the place. The sky has a lot of smoke from the factory and the Swomee-Swans can’t sing anymore and leave the place. Lastly, the Lorax saw the liquid in the factory and leftover pouring into the pond where Humming-Fish live and that’s why they left the place. That is part of the book while the movie is little different because the Lorax noticed that the business is expanding. After the last tree fall on the ground and all the animals include the Bar-ba-loots, Swomee-Swans, Humming-Fish and other forest animals leave the place.

In the movie and the book have the similar plots. The “Unless” built by Lorax and a young boy show up.  A young boy must find the 15 cents, a nail, and great-great-great-grandfather snail to listen to the Once-ler’s story about his life. Both have the tree name “Truffula Trees” and the Once-ler makes the Thneeds to sell and sets up the business. As well, the Lorax leaves to his home to the sky.

After I read the book and watch the movie. I can’t decide which is the best one. There is no weakness in the book and movie. I believe that both the movie and book are a good lesson for people to read. The strengths are to show people what the future will look like without the trees and use the “recycle” thing. I believe any age group can read the book or watch the movie.


2 thoughts on “The Lorax

  1. I too liked both the movie and the book. The movie also has a town mayor who is trying to get people to go stick with the man made trees than with the natural trees. My younger siblings loved to sing along with some of the songs on the movie. Isn’t Ted’s “love” his babysitter? I cant really remember a lot about the movie or book because I haven’t read or watched it in a long time. However in 6th grade for a field trip I was able to watch “The Lorax” as a play which was very interesting and fun. There was some old guy with a really long white (and real) beard who voiced the Lorax. Thank you for your share!
    -Chelsea Peters


  2. hello!!
    I did my book/movie comparison on the Lorax as well! I had never seen the movie, and what with the 60º weather we’re having in February, I thought a movie/book about the environment was very fitting. I enjoyed reading your comparison, I liked how you went into details with the similarities to the book and to the movie. I also agree the Lorax (book or movie) has a fantastic message for people of all ages! I loved seeing the movie as a 21 year old! Thanks for sharing!
    -Yana Walljasper


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