Book vs. Movie


I used to be the type of person who would say “The movie is always better than the book” mostly because it was less effort to watch a movie than read a book. I could watch a movie within 2 hours but the book would take me a week to read so I never liked to read a book that would have a movie made out of it. I used to think it was pointless. But I recently slowly began to realize that I was totally wrong.


 The book that I read was Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. One strength that the book had was that there were more details about the background of ancient Greek mythology so that the readers could understand what was going on, who some of the characters were, and what some of creatures were. Another strength was that the book seemed to make the problem of a “God’s Civil War” a bigger deal than what the movie made it seem to be. Overall the biggest strength that the book has was that it had a lot more events going on and has a lot more details than the movie. There really weren’t any weaknesses in the book, it was an easy read and the problems get resolved and reveled in the end which makes this a fun read.


The movie on the other hand, let me tell you, the movie hardly even followed the book. Some weaknesses of the movie were that it didn’t even include some of the main characters. There was a character, Ares, in the book who was one of the “bad guys” and had a couple important moments in the book, the movie didn’t even include him! Another weakness from the movie was that it didn’t explain some of the Greek mythology so if you didn’t read the book then you would be a little bit lost. One strength was that I thought that the characters had great actors/actresses portraying the characters.


Some character changes that I noticed was that the main character Percy, was 12 years old in the book but in the movie, he was about 16. Another character Annabeth, was known for her blonde hair in the book but was a brunette in the movie. The biggest change was that one of the characters (I won’t say the name because I don’t want to spoil anything) in the movie was portrayed as the mastermind of the plan to steal the lightning rod but in the book, it wasn’t all this person’s fault because they were brainwashed.


After reading this book and watching the movie, I have officially decided that the books are better than the movies. All I could do while watching the movie was say “That didn’t happen in the book!” and correct whatever changes were in the movie. I was a bit biased because I liked the book more and just felt a little disappointed in the movie.


-Chelsea Peters

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2 thoughts on “Book vs. Movie

  1. I love that you’ve come around to liking the books! I too have been frustrated many times by characters, plots, even the ENDING being changed in the movie. It totally drives me crazy, but then when you get a really good one, it can be pretty magical to watch what you had read about come to life and take on a new dimension. I have never read the Percy Jackson books or seen the movie, but so many people have talked about them I feel like I should start! Thanks for sharing!
    -Yana Walljasper


  2. My old middle school teacher read the book for us on Fridays because Fridays have the short hour. I watched my teacher sign from the book. End of the school year, students, and teacher watched the movie. I enjoyed both. But, I’m disappointed with a movie because there are missing the information from the book. So, I like the book because there are every detail and explain what’s happened. Also, I love the god/goddess and myth. I think I need to read the book again during summertime. 🙂

    -Katelyn Miller


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