The Lorax

Today I’m going to be comparing Dr. Seuss’s book The Lorax to the 2012 film.

The first major addition I noticed in the movie was that of the main character Ted, his family, and his love interest. This was my first time seeing The Lorax, but I wasn’t too surprised by this additional story line; you have to make additions if you want to extend a 45 page picture book into a feature length movie. Ted and his family live in the town of Thneedville, a walled in community where fresh air is sold, and trees are made of plastic and batteries. Ted is the one who seeks out the Once-ler, wanting to find a tree for his crush, Audrey, who heard that real trees used to exist. The story in the movie is drawn out longer than it is in the book. The movie also makes the addition of a villain to the story, which was the man who sold clean air.

While the animation in the movie was wonderful, and did a great job of representing some of the whimsy in Dr. Seuss books, in my opinion the excessive and “normal” dialog took some of it away. There’s just something about the rhyming, almost sing-song-y tone of the book that gets lost in the movie.

As one would expect, the original story line of the book is played out in more detail during the movie. There are additions to it as well as the addition of the alternate plot line of Ted and his town. The extension of the story makes it easier to become emotionally invested in the Truffula Trees, and especially in the Brown Bar-ba-loots. You grow to love them, and seeing them forced out of their home after they had made friends with the Once-ler was very sad.

Overall I thought that The Lorax movie was definitely worth my time; it was sweet, had a positive message, and was engaging to watch. While it did stray from the book, like I said before, that’s all that can be expected when a children’s book becomes an hour and a half long movie. The songs are fun, I liked that there weren’t too many of them, and the ending is, of course, a happy one that leaves you with a feeling of hope for the future.

-Yana Walljasper



2 thoughts on “The Lorax

  1. I read and watch “The Lorax” also! I love this book! I totally agree with you about the movie and book. Their movie and plot are great and good message for people to learn something new or make the new plan for their own future with Earth. It is cool to see the additional character in the movie and to see our future look like without the trees or grass. This makes me wondering what’s happen with our beautiful future. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    -Katelyn Miller


  2. I love both the movie and the book of “The Lorax”. My younger siblings used to be obsessed with singing the songs. I haven’t watched the movie in a while. I wonder how many Dr. Suess books have been made into movies. I can recall watching “The Cat in the Hat” that doesn’t really follow anything that happens in the book. I love Dr. Suess and I can now remember that in Kindergarten we used to have “Dr. Suess Day” where one of the teachers would dress up in a cat in the hat suite and walk around school, that day was always amazing because we were allowed to wear our pajamas at school. Plus the cafeteria would make green scrambled eggs and serve ham on the side. Thank you for the wonderful share!
    -Chelsea Peters


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