A Little Excitement


Katelyn Miller

When I was in the second grader. I read the book called “A Little Excitement” by Marc Harshman. I read the book and I don’t think that I got it about the book. There are nothing exciting in the book. There are many sentences and big pictures, same time. I liked the small pictures with many sentences. I like the big pictures with few sentences. It is my prefer, kind of the book. Also, there is part of the family in the story and I don’t see any exciting part in the book. Also, the art is very dark and water paint. I liked to see the bright light. In the book, this is more for older kids who raised by the farm and have family values. I don’t really understand the family values when I was 7 years old. Also, there is the fire, caused by the air stuck in the fireplace. I don’t understand how the fire works because my house doesn’t own the fireplace.

After I read the book, I do like the book because it inspired me because I love my family so much! I feel that I have the good connection with the book. I read about how many families love each other like I have. Now, I understand how to start the fire in the stove. They have the teamwork as family bond and it’s so lucky to save the house by time. Also, they explained how the parents and siblings doing in or out the house. It is more like the family who live on the farm.

I love to read kind of family in the book. It inspired me and it’s good for children who live in the farm to read this book. Also, children who are ten years old or older can read the book and understand the book related to family bond and fire in the house.


One thought on “A Little Excitement

  1. I have never heard of this book but I like how you say that it could be for children who come from farming families and have a fireplace. I come from a farming family and used to have a fireplace! I actually have wood stoves now and I can remember always starting the fire with my dad to help keep the house warm. Air helps the fire breath so if there is too much air then the fire could get out of control. Also if there is too much ash and soot in a chimney then that could cause a fire, which is way the job of the chimney sweeper was invented. Thank you for the share!
    -Chelsea Peters


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