Once Upon a Marigold

Chelsea Peters

The book that I attempted to read freshman year was Once Upon a Marigold. This book is about a boy named Christian who lived with a troll since he was 6 after running away from his family and a princess named Marigold who’s only friends were her dogs and no body in her family liked to be by her. They would write letters to each other to learn more about the other person. Christian could see Marigold from where he lived through a telescope that he found, which creeped me out when I first read it. This story is a bit of a fairytale and is set way back in the mid-evil times, when people first used birds for delivering letters. I never finished the story in high school because it didn’t fascinate me and it got boring after a while.

When I picked it up to read it again, I couldn’t remember what book was even about and why I didn’t like it. All of those thoughts came back to me after I started reading. However,  I got further than what I was before and actually finished the book this time! I completely missed the fact that the princess had a spell cast on her that helped her read minds when she touched someone. The last time I read this book, I didn’t even know that she had a spell on her ( mostly because I didn’t get that far). This book even had some humor in it that I didn’t even begin to get to read the last time I attempted to read it. I missed out!

Now since I read it again, I enjoyed it this time. I learned more about Christians past, why he ran away and who his family was. I also got to experience what forbidden love felt like through this story. What I liked most about this book is that Christian and Marigold both enjoyed learning about astronomy and the constellations and the stories behind them, which I too enjoy! I even found out that there is a second book to this.

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One thought on “Once Upon a Marigold

  1. Thank you for sharing your book! I didn’t read this before. Sometimes we miss one thing or something happen in the book. That made us feel lost or start dislike the book. I’m happy that you read the book again and find the reason. For example, you found the spell cast. Also, I”m happy that you enjoyed your book. 🙂 I already add this book in my list.

    Katelyn Miller


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