Yertle the Turtle

Chelsea Peters

The banned book that I read was Yertle the Turtle. According to HuffPost Living, Yertle the Turtle is banned because it seems to be too political. A quote from the book “I know up on top you are seeing great sights, but down here on the bottom, we too should have rights” was seen as too political to be in schools so a British Columbian school had it banned.

What I learned from my history class was that Dr. Suess actually started out as a political cartoonist, he drew about many different types of controversial topics and even about some wars that America was in. Dr. Suess once admitted that Yertle represented Hitler and his rise to control.

This was my first time reading this story and at first I didn’t feel like the book should be banned. I honestly  don’t know how to feel about this book. I think it’s great showing kids that they are able to stand up to people who are treating them badly and that the book also shows them that they have rights. But knowing that Dr. Suess intended Yertle to represent Hitler made me confused about my decision on if this book should be banned or not.  I didn’t think it had a lot of political meaning to it until after I read about why it was banned. So my over all thought about if it should be banned or not is no, I don’t think it should be. This book shows courage to standing up to people. Even if Yertle represented Hitler, the book still shows how having all of the power and having every single thing you want isn’t always the best. There will always be something else out there that people want and the reality is that they can’t have everything they want.


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2 thoughts on “Yertle the Turtle

  1. Yes, I don’t understand why people banned this book and other Dr. Suess’s book include the Lorax, and other book. I think this book is not too bad. This is good for children to understnad the rights and their voice to the world. I argeed with you about Hilter (Yertle). This is good book for children for history or reading class. Thank you for sharing!



  2. I never really paid too much attention to this book as a child, I didn’t really understand the undertones or underlying message, but as a teenager reading this book to the children I was babysitting I realized that the book mirrored politics and society. I think this book being banned is kind of ridiculous, the fact that someone would ban a book for saying that people of lower social status deserve the same rights as everyone else is ridiculous. I think this is a great book, and I would definitely have this in my classroom and read it to my students.


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