Heather has two mommies

Katelyn Miller

The book name is “Heather has two mommies,” by Leslea Newman. A girl name is Heather and she has two mothers. Her mommies name are Mama Kate and Mama Jane. An author tells that Heather loves her two things; hands, feet, ears, eyes, arms, legs, and two pets. Heather went to her first day of school. Her mothers tell her to bring two favorite things to bring to school. She bought a blue blanket and red cup. Heather arrives at her school. She excited to play with toys and meet new friends. After the nap time, a teacher read them a story about a boy whose father is a veterinarian. Then, Heather shouted that her mother is the doctor. Other students looked at her, they asked Heather if she has the father. She responded, nope. Then, the teacher decides to tell a student to draw their family. Every student has different kind of parents, and family. All the student and teachers noticed that everyone have their own family. After that, Heather’s mommies pick her up from school. Heather is excited and show her mothers. She loves her family.

This book was the ninth most challenged book of the 1990’s. During 1990’s, there are not many people shows their genders, and love to same genders. There are few argue between support and not support the book. example, Banned the book, in Ohio at Library patron. As well, … landed at the center of a federal court battle in Wichita Falls, Texas, after Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of the First Baptist Church, waved them around during a sermon on “Sodom and Gomorrah” and blasted them as anti-God and unsuitable for children,” (Italie) Then, a local library decides this book move to the adult shelf from children shelf. There are few reason why shouldn’t have banned the book. For example, one local school in the Queen, New York. The chancellor, Joseph Fernandez, encouraged teacher to better embrace diversity. Today, there are many people that support book because they wanted to show the diversity family and who raised the children. Also, this is strong positive for children who have the LGBTQ identity.




3 thoughts on “Heather has two mommies

  1. I can see that this book was a challenged book in the 1990’s, but now it doesn’t seem like it should be banned anymore. This book is an example of how much the world has changed in 20+ years, same sex marriage is now legal and those couples adopt children. If there are children who grow up in that type of household, this book should help the children realize that they can be happy with their family even if it’s a little different from other children’s families. Thank you for this share!


  2. I also agree, I can see why this book would be challenged or banned, but I think its a great book! It shows that kids who have two parents of the same sex are just the same as kids who have parents who are different sexes. This story shows that families are families, and that a family isn’t any different just because a child has two moms. I think it’s a great book and can help kids understand that peers who might have two moms or two dads are still normal families. I would have this book in my library.


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