Final Thoughts

Chelsea Peters

Throughout this semester, I read a lot of children and young adult literature. In the beginning of the semester I didn’t think that I was going to like reading 3 books every week but the further into the semester, the more I enjoyed reading. I have learned that there are many types of genres of books, and that there are even more types of themes for books. During the original fairytale part of this class, I learned that the original Cinderella was dark and that Disney makes fairy tales seem magical. I have also learned that there are so many books that are banned, some that are banned for stupid reasons. I’ve also learned that some books can be considered both children’s and young adult, for example Harry Potter.

I enjoyed reading books and looking for a deeper message. Especially in Oh, The Places You’ll Go, I realized now that it was a book for encouraging kids to get through life and that there may be hard times in life but the good outweighs the bad.

Some books that I highly recommend reading are 13 Reasons Why, Ida B, over in the Meadow, the Harry Potter series and especially Looking for Alaska.  I enjoyed reading these books which is surprising because I used to hate reading. It’s sad to say but I used to judge a book by its cover, I was never interested in books but now since this class, I love reading! The books I recommend all have a deep meaning and are all very entertaining to read.

This class has really helped me become more appreciative of books and they have the ability to help us escape reality and go into someone else’s world. I have found myself crying in a few of these books, which I never thought that I would do. I told my friend from high school about this class, she knew that I hated reading and when I told her that this class has changed my whole perspective on books, she just laughed and said that she knew I would come to love books one day. I am so grateful that I took this class, it has helped me open my eyes to what children would love to read and I hope that the children in my future class room would have a variety of books to read.

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2 thoughts on “Final Thoughts

  1. Chelsea,
    I’m so glad that you’ve discovered a love for reading and for books! I also really enjoyed this class and getting to read a variety of books! You were spot on with talking about the theme of books, I never realized that theme was such a meaningful part of books, I always looked at is as a kind of surface level aspect, but the theme really digs deeper into the story and what happens. I definitely want to read some of the books you’ve recommended here! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and for your thoughtful comments on my posts!


  2. Chelsea, I enjoyed reading your blogs and opinion about the books. I learned something new from you. Same, I thought I can’t read three books in a week but, I realized that the book is important for children and young adult read the book. I put the book that you recommended. That book already on my list. Hopefully, I will read this book and use this book for my future career. Wish you best luck with your future! Smile!


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