Final Thought

Katelyn Miller

I took Children and Young Adult Literature. This class required for my major. My major is Middle Children Education, and my minor are American Sign Language, English/Language Art, and Science. I want to work with deaf and hard of hearing.

Enter the classroom; I’m so excited to know more about children and young adult books. Every week, I have to read three books: two children and one young adult. I read the new and old book. Some book that I read when I was a little girl and feel inspired. Some book that I have never read before and I learn something new from the book. But, overall I enjoyed reading all the books.

I learned the most important part of the semester. I found out about banned book. Some books that I don’t know itself is prohibited. Even, some of the Dr. Suess books include The Lorax, Hop on Pop, and Green Ham and Eggs. Those books shocked me and wondered why do people ban this book. During the class, the professor explained why the book are prohibited? The professor explained that the book is not right educating to children to learn from the book. Also, some people don’t want children to do something same thing from the book. Today we allow children read many books that are not banned. Today, we are more accepting include the political, society and LGBT.

My favorite book is Lorax, Maximum Ride, The Name in Jar, and Face. Those books are amazing, and I totally love the books. They have something different kind of stories and main character. Each book has something special inside. For example, the Lorax, he shows that how much he means to nature as his home. He is the very popular character in the children literature. Also, this book is good educating to children to learn about nature.

I hope you enjoy our blog post about children and young adult books. I learned a lot from the class, and read the book. I will use a lot of tools and bring with me for my future as the elementary teacher.



2 thoughts on “Final Thought

  1. Katelyn,
    It’s been so fun to get to read all your thoughts on these books this semester! I’m glad you enjoyed the class, I also thought it was a really good, and valuable class. I’m glad that you were able to learn about banned books, I’m also passionate about banned books, and I think a lot of books that have been banned or challenged shouldn’t be, like the Lorax. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these books and for your thoughtful comments on my posts!


  2. I too learned about banned books this semester. I have no idea about them before! I enjoyed reading your blogs and like you I loved reading books this semester. I’m glad we had the opportunity to meet each other and learn together. Thank you for the share!


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