Final Thoughts

-Yana Walljasper

This class, introduction into children’s and young adult literature was been one of my favorite classes ever. I’ve always liked reading, especially children’s books, so to have an excuse to read children’s books as homework was really fun. While it wasn’t always easy to read three books a week, I think it was a great experience, and it reminded me that it is possible to make time in my week for reading. I think one of the most valuable things I’ve learned in this class (besides the fact that there’s a long list of books I still need to check out) is that I’m not going to love every book I read, and that my future students won’t love every book we read, and more importantly that it’s okay to dislike a book, or a genre of book. Not everything is for everyone and that’s okay. I’ve also learned that there are children’s books out there for every type of reader/type of child, and that even if a child doesn’t like one book, or even any books you’ve shown them, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a book out there that the child will love.

It’s so hard to pick one book to recommend, so I’m going to discuss a few books that stood out to me as great books. The first book that I’m going to talk about is a banned book, but not the one that I wrote about, it was one that we read in class. It’s called “And Tango Makes Three” and it’s an adorable book based on two real male penguins, who together tried to raise a rock before they were given a real egg to take care of. The story is adorable and heart warming, and I loved hearing it. Another recommendation I have is not for a book, but for an entire series. I think the Magic Tree House books are some of the best books you can read. They’re short chapter books that capture your attention and keep it. There are so many of the books that there’s something for everyone! They have adventure, travel, time travel, animals, magic, friendship, and family elements throughout the series. I loved these books growing up, and re-reading them they’re just as good I remember them being. One last book I want to recommend is the book Chrysanthemum. As a kid growing up with an unusual name (I still haven’t ever met another person named Yana in my 21 years of life) I really felt like I could relate to this book, and it’s something I think a lot of kids could also relate to, if not feeling like chrysanthemum, maybe realizing that they shouldn’t tease other kids about their names.



2 thoughts on “Final Thoughts

  1. Yana, thank you for sharing the books in blogs. I enjoyed reading your books and opinions. I learned something new from you! You mentioned the book, “Tango make Three.” I heard this book too and how the society decides to ban this book. I love to read many children books. Wish you best luck with your future! Smile!
    -Katelyn Miller


  2. This class was actually one of my favorite classes as well! Opposite from you, I hated reading but this class has totally changed my perspective on reading. I love it now! I enjoyed spending time together in class and getting to know you. I too love The Magical Tree House series, a personal favorite! Thanks for sharing!


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